Wednesday, December 10, 2014

DIY 2015 Calendar

DIY 2015 Calendar

I was shopping with my son at Dollar General today in search of a planner for 2015....if you are wondering, yes, I still carry a paper planner!

I can't stand electronics sometimes because they get uncharged and then you have to plug it in and wait for it to charge until you can see your calendar! This is the reason why I prefer to write it down rather than use an electronic.

  I was browsing through the calendars and I really dislike the planners with small little boxes and #'s! I can't write that freaking small! ha ha I prefer the ones that have lines that you can actually write this! 

The planner was $1 and the little self stick gems were $1, total cost (as if you can't do math! lol) $2. I love my planner, it's cute, and you can put as many gems as you like! I figured I'd just put a few so that it won't look so drab.

The one I bought has a plastic covering that will protect the gems from falling out. I would recommend that you find one similar to this one so that it won't get worn really quickly and all the little gems fall out. You can also find all of these items at your local craft store or super center.

Lets Get Started:

Items Needed: (1) Planner of Choice with a Protective Sleeve
    (1) or more packs of Sticky Gems


(1) Take the vendors stickers off the protective casing. i.e. Price of planner, description sticker, etc.

(2) Take out the planner from the protective plastic casing.

(3) Open your self stick gems and think of a way you would like to decorate the front of the planner. (Carefully plan your design because once you stick them on it will look a mess once you try to take them off again.)

(4) Place your gems onto the planner in the design that you would like.

(5) Insert the planner back into the protective sleeve.

You are now done! This is just an idea and I am sure that you can get much more creative than this ha ha anyway, how easy was that!? Hope you have fun making these and if you know anyone that would like a planner, I am sure they would appreciate the gesture this Christmas!

Have a great day everyone! ;)