Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Today I completed this Turtle Shell and Beanie Set for a friend....she will be using it as a photo prop for her grandson who will be joining the family soon.

She is such a sweet lady and already adores her little man. Wanda will be a great grandmother! 

The shell came out pretty good. I made it using 7 African Flower Motifs (link to website:  and joined together with a SC inside the shell. Once I connected them all, I HDC'd around the edge. On the inside corners where the motifs joined I made 2 DC and continued with the HDC. On each of the corners that makes the pentagon sides, I made 2 HDC to even it all out. This is the brown edging you see on the outside of the motifs. 

Once I completed the brown edging, I started to finish off with the green. For the last row of the edging I used the crab stitch all around. It came out really nice! 

For the beanie I used the basic pattern of making a ch 2 in MR, 10 DC, join. The chain 2 doesn't count in any of the rows. Then I increased in each row until I had 40 stitches. Rows 5-7, I DC'd all around. When I came to row 8, 9, and 10, I made the rib stitch using the FPDC and DC. For row 11, I finished off with the crab stitch all around to match the shell's edging. I hope that you are able to figure this out but don't panic if you don't, I will be updated a post with the pattern. I just wanted to share this project because I was so happy it came out really nice!

I didn't have a baby to work with lol so this is the photo that I took to give you an example as to how this would look haha Of course, the babies head would be to the side with its little hands on the side and sleeping. 

Thanks for stopping by! 

Naomi :)