Thursday, January 31, 2013

New beginnings.

Hello everyone! Hows's everyone's resolutions coming along? I do hope that you have been sticking to what you said you were going to do.

As for me, guess what my number one was? You are completely and positively correct! Lose weight! Ha ha! How many of you have that as your number one? I am crossing my fingers for you because I know exactly how you feel! If you live close to fast food joints and mom and pop restaurants like me, man you really get a sucker punch. You could be minding your own little business when boom, all of a sudden this waft of fried chicken wings or Cook Out just calls your attention! So this is what I do.....I go right next door to this place called Dugout and order me a dozen wings! lol Just kidding ;) I leave my house in search for another home where any food place/ restaurant isn't nearby! Ha! See how simple that was! All I had to do was change my address, have my mail forwarded, change my children to another school district, and drive a few more miles away to get to the grocery store where they sale wholesome veggies. I hope you are taking notes because I am on the verge to a new and better weight loss break through! Any who, now that my imagination has completely toned down a bit....I am really liking this 2013!

To motivate you guys, here is my before pic! Here you have Naomi at a size 18, 243.6 lbs, my goal is to get to a size larger than what I was before I inflated lol which was a size 6 therefore my goal size would be an 8 at around 145 lbs. Having children really makes your body change...not! It was my piggy self that stuffed my face with pizza, fried chicken, and lazed around until all this mess came about! This is a New Year for a new beginning and I will keep you posted on my progress.

Now, I have been crocheting and making things for family members but I haven't posted anything new in a long while however....I am excited to inform you that my computer has come back from the dead and my keyboard is more than willing to let me type my little fingers away in my attempt to provide you with some great patterns! I know, it seemed like forever but it was just a few months and well, I promise I will make up for lost time.

So, now that I have you here reading all of what I have to say, question for you. What would you like for me to post? Any questions about crochet? As much as I would like to answer any questions about knitting, please let me tell you, I know the basics, I am not super advanced as to where I am making shawls and sweaters! :) I will get there....soon.

Since I have had all the time in the world to come up with all sorts of goodies.....a post that I will have Saturday - 02/19/13 is an Ear Warmer Tutorial. It's cute, its feminine, and I know you will love it! Before I forget, follow me on Pinterest, Facebook, Craftsy, and Ravelry - links at the top left corner. I would love to see some of your finished projects! Hasta another day my peeps....enjoy your evening and be blessed!

Naomi :)