Friday, October 12, 2012

The cold weather is here and oh my goodness!!!

Hellllooo my lovelies! I have great news! The cold weather is here and oh my goodness, I love it!!

Love drink hot tea, hot cocoa, hot chai tea, hot...blah blah blah, you get the point lol! ;)

Any who....I started making hats and I came across this lady whom I absolutely love because she taught me how to crochet! Teresa from You Tube...well if you don't know her, I love a hat that she taught everyone who watched her video how to make. It is absolutly delightful! I love the puff stitches and its so simple.

I altered the pattern somewhat, not too much, just the brim of the beanie and I also made it sort of slouchy by adding a few more's cuuuttte! I also used embellishments of all sorts but my favorite is the classic button! What can I say, I am a fan! sigh...

Here is the link to her video on You Tube:
Just for future reference, Teresa/ Crochet Geek did not in any way ask me to post this. This is all my doing so please no negative feedback towards her! Thanks in advance!

Here is another link to her blog with the written instructions for the Puff Stitch Hat Pattern:!/2009/03/puff-stitch-crochet-hat.html

Slouchy Puff Stitch Hat:
So when you follow the directions on her video, she will stop at row 10....keep going until you reach Row 14 or 15.

To start the ribbing (do not go in continous rounds in a spiral form):
Row 16 - 26: CH 1 (this does NOT count as the first SC here and throughout), SC into the same st as join, 2 sc into the next CH 1 space, *SC into the next st, 2 SC into the next CH 1 space*, once completed sl st to the top of the first SC made, not the CH 1. (72 SC's total)

Fasten off and weave in any ends, you can add the buttons at this time to the hat or any other embellishment of your choice!

You can make the ribbing thin but I like mine thick so thus the 10 SC rows...I am a butt for spiraling rounds, it drives me crazy perhaps because I am dyslexic and I get dizzy! lol

Well, I do hope you enjoy making this hat...I sure did! Now off to listen to some music ♪♫♪♫....thanks so much for stopping by and have a blessed week! ;)

Naomi ☺