Saturday, August 18, 2012

Grandala Square Pot Holder

Well I came across one of my favorite blogger's posts! She was an inspiration to me so....since I loved her Granny Mandala Square so much I decided to make some pot holders. I am need of new ones so I figured I put my crochet skill to good use for the kitchen... ;) This pot holder doesn't take much work, all you do is make the granny squares and sc 2 squares with front side out on all four sides. Here's how I did it....

You will need: 
Yarn, different colors of your choice.
Yarn needle
5.50 MM Crochet hook
Buttons or other embellishments

SC - single crochet
Sl St - Slip stitch
Sts - stitches
HDC - half double crochet

This is the link to her tutorial: so much for sharing Alice from Crochet with Raymond!

When you are done making the granny square as in the tutorial, make a sc in each st around. You should have 18 sts on one side, 72 sts total for the whole square, join with sl st,  and weave in any loose ends. Do the same with the second square. (You can also weave in the loose ends by hiding them as you crochet when you join the squares as I did.)

Edging on Grandala Square:
Holding both grannies together with front side out, pinch the sts together where they meet in the same place. Start with adding the new color (or same color if you choose) on one of the corners. SC into same st as join.

2 sc into the next st (second stitch from ch 3 corner).

1 sc into the next 16 sts. (Do not count the 3 sc's from the second corner of the granny). Repeat the same instructions for all sides of the square. *(Starting on a corner of 3 sc) 1 sc into the next st, 2 sc into the next st (middle st), 1 sc into each of the next 16 sts. (sts on each side)* sl st to first sc to join. You should have a total of 76 sc.

You can stop at this point and fasten off and weave in the ends to just have a square or you can continue to make the loop below.

Loop for Pot holder:
Ch 2, HDC in same stitch, ch 1.

HDC into the previously made HDC, *ch 1, HDC into previous HDC* 8 more times. You should have made a total of 10 HDC's.

Sl st into the beginning stitch, sl st into the next 2 sts, fasten off and weave in any loose ends! I added a button to hide the hole where we made the HDC and the slip looks really good!

Voila! You have made your Grandala Square Pot Holder...enjoy! ☺

Stay tuned on next Tuesday, 8/21/12, for a tutorial on how to make a pair of Goblet Wrist Warmers! Currently in the making. Have a blessed weekend and thanks for stopping by! ;)

Sorry, it's taking me a little longer than expected to post the wrist warmer project....the kids started school and I have been running around shopping and getting ready. So they officially started school today! I will have the project up on Saturday 08/25/12! Thanks for your patience! ;)